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HyDraw CAD 2018
  All AutoCAD OEM 3D Commands available
View and create 3D Drawings in HyDraw® CAD 2018
Search for symbols by Component Type
Search by component type name or using
wild card characters ( % or * or _ ) e.g.: %Check
Advanced Data Filters
Use advanced filters to further refine the search results
Schematic Check
View and zoom listed items:
- Components missing model codes
- Connections having errors
- Ports missing size, name
Add, Edit & Find Jumping Reference
Specify & edit Jumping Reference options
Find its Matching Pair
Manage Sub-Systems
View & Manage properties in the Property Manager
Set separate balloon style
  Reassign Item ID & Balloon in Sub-Systems
Include child items of Sub-System when reassigning Item ID
Select different Balloon Type for Components, Accessories and Sub-Systems
Include Child Items in Parts List in Sub-Systems
Orifice Disc
Model data for orifice disc displayed in property manager
Net List created on Envelope selection
Select only Manifold/Envelope to create Net List
Export to MDTools - List CAD Models for Accessories Accessories with CAD Models linked to symbol and displayed in browser also exported to MDTools
  Export to MDTools – Net List highlighted in drawing
Net List created automatically when exporting to MDTools
Hanging Connection Lines automatically deleted when external ports are added with Envelope
HyDraw Property Manager
– Zoom to selected Item in System Tab
Connectors - Pipe/Tube/Drill Hole/Hose & Wire
Associate a Connector type to connection lines and add connection data to it.
e.g.: Pipe/Tube/Hose/Drill Hose/Wire (for electrical lines)
  Update Connection Lines in Drawing
Properties listed by default making the drawing lighter to use
Multiple Solenoid Information
HyDraw Library Manager 2018
  Import Data from another library to current library
  Import New Symbols
  Import Modified Symbols
  Import Components
  Import Accessories
  Import Documents
  Import CAD Files
  Link Accessories to Multiple Model Codes
  Connector Types
  Online Symbol Library Update
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