Enhanced Edit Accessories User Interface
Easy Access from the Ribbon menu and right-click menu
All linked accessories can be edited within one window
Enhanced Jumping References
New command-line option to break a connection line
Break the connection line at the desired segment and Insert Jumping References
Optimized Pipe/Tube/Hose Search
Search by pressure, flow, velocity, and inner diameter
Import/View Drawing in other CAD Apps
Save an importable drawing into other CAD systems
Enhanced Pump Motor Adaptor Selection
Improved user interface and search criteria
Easily switch database: MS Access or MS SQL
Easily setup SQL database
Automatic Licensing Authorization
Automatic Licensing authorization with CLSID
Enhanced HyDraw Library Manager
Import port data from previous libraries
Import Connection data from previous libraries
Easily switch between a local file and an online document
Create multiple external ports of the same size
HyDraw CAD License Manager
Installed updates displayed within HyDraw CAD
Powered by VEST Desktop App Update Manager
Check for uninstalled updates
VEST Desktop App Update Manager: Settings
Right-click options for symbol management
Automatically reflects changes made in the drawing
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HyDraw Options User Interface: