Parts List Auto-Updated
Change in a component's property value
reflects in the Parts List
Inserted Symbol Auto Numbered
Set Components & Accessories numbering scheme in HyDraw Options, Item ID tab
Copied Symbol Auto Numbered
Set Components & Accessories numbering scheme in HyDraw Options, Item ID tab
Group Item ID by Component Code
It's based on the Component code assigned to Component types
Title Block Attributes Updated using Text File
Import/Export the Title Block attributes
Network License option available
within HyDraw CAD Client
Borrow License from HyDraw CAD Client
Search Components by Application Type
Hydraulic, Pneumatic or Electrical options are now available within HyDraw Library Explorer
Select Symbol to Insert from Parts List
Model Code in Parts List has multiple symbols linked to it in the HyDraw Library
Mirror HyDraw Schematic
Auto correction of orientation and position of texts of Item ID, Properties and Balloons
Vertical Stacking option for Item ID and Balloons
ISO 1219-2 Item ID Auto Numbering Scheme
Define for the first symbol, HyDraw then stores the prefix and continuously increments the index along with the prefix.
Equal-Spaced Properties in Drawing
Spacing between the displayed properties is automatically controlled
Auto Grouping of Components without Model Code
All identical components without model code are grouped based on properties listed in the Parts List
Edit/Update Blank Fields in Parts List
Double click to type the required properties
Update Hose ID Text Height
Change and Update Hose Balloon Type
Set separate Balloon type for hoses
Non-Unique Solenoid ID Warning
Avoid duplicate Solenoid IDs, when chart is created without Item ID as an option
Enhanced Schematic Check
Schematic check for Envelopes lists unconnected ends of External Ports
Customized HyDraw Layer Properties Stored in Drawing
When a new symbol is inserted into the drawing, changes made to the layer properties are stored and not overwritten by the default HyDraw layer properties
Exclude Multiple Items from Parts List
Multiple Component selection in the drawing can be excluded from the Parts List
Display Accessories of Components Excluded from Parts List
Add HyDraw CAD Commands to Quick Access Toolbar
(Right-click the HyDraw CAD command on the ribbon menu)
Line Type Preview available for HyDraw Connection Lines
HyDraw Ribbon Created using Cuix file
Enables "Add to Quick Access" toolbar and stores any customizations made to the interface. Also, available in a new instance of HyDraw
HyDraw® Library Manager 2019
Define Component Code for a Component Type symbols
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