Design an Electro-Hydrostatic Actuation System with HyDraw CAD
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00:00 Introduction
00:28 Design an Electro Hydrostatic System
01:30 Search Symbol from HyDraw Library Explorer
02:27 Make Connections
03:35 Network Distributed Library
05:03 Modify a Symbol
10:11 Share Symbols within your Organization
13:53 Align Symbol Ports
16:01 Create Subsystem
16:56 Create a New Folder
17:10 Add Subsystem
18:33 Insert with Explode Sub-System
18:59 Insert Title Block
21:34 Title Block Settings
22:34 Update from Excel Settings
23:06 Lists & Charts Settings
24:10 Edit Block In-place
25:14 Search for Components in FluidPowerTools.com
29:52 Search for Symbols in My local database
33:24 Save from FluidPowerTools.com to local database/My library
34:23 Update from Excel
35:54 Assign Model Data
38:20 Add accessories
39:52 Parts List Creation
39:56 Reassign Item ID
41:27 Make an Envelope
41:42 Ports List Creation
44:14 Plot the Circuit Diagram
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