Collaborate with your Team, Vendors, and Customers
Eliminate manifold redesign or block rework expenses
In-browser     No Software     24x7

  • Projects: Create/Assign internal staff, vendors, and customers to review, approve, or request re-work for manifold design related project artifacts.

  • Design Review: Upload manifold designs for inspection/interrogation within a rich 3D environment.

  • Project Management: Track project status at a glance. All workflow history and comments can be downloaded with artifact files for archive within your local PDM system.

  • Security: Organizational artifacts are maintained within a secure, password-protected data store.

  • Reports: Produce reports reflecting collaboration progress and engagement across organization or by customer or vendor.

  • MDTools Mbxml Manager: Rotate and zoom to interrogate manifold block design in 3D.

  • MDTools STEP Manager: Rotate and zoom to interrogate manifold assembly design in 3D.

  • DWG Viewer: Display hydraulic schematic or other DWG-based file within NetSkeme 2D drawing canvas.

  • Document/Image Viewer: Display combination of upto three PDF documents or jpg/png image files.

  • Collaboration Reports: Visualize collaboration across your organization or by specific vendor/customer by month, quarter, year, or specified date range.

  • Project Management module included
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