Apr 29, 2021
HyDraw® CAD 2021 Released

VEST, Inc. today released HyDraw CAD 2021!

HyDraw CAD 2021 introduces a number of enhancements to improve both productivity and convenience. Shown below is a list highlighting just some of the improvements included with this latest release.

  • Add or Edit Symbols, Sub-Systems, etc.
    • Interface redesign to better manage simple or advanced edits.

  • Connector List
    • Easily create, insert or export a list of pipe, tube, and hose connectors.

  • Symbol & Connection Line Behavior
    • Improved display text orientation and connection line auto-routing.

  • Library Explorer
    • Enhanced controls to search-by-model and access linked models.

  • Options Interface
    • Redesign to improve readability and use.

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