Feb 18, 2020
ManifoldEdge Collaboration Platform Launched

VEST today launched ManifoldEdge cloud-based collaboration platform for hydraulic manifold design and system integrators.

ManifoldEdge is now available for immediate subscription. Empower your organization with the ability to invite vendors, customers, and internal staff to actively contribute to the manifold approval process at levels never before imagined. You can now reduce or eliminate manifold redesign or block rework expenses. Enable your vendors, customers, and colleagues to discern your 3D design in 2D space.

ManifoldEdge can engage your key stakeholders to view, inspect, interrogate, comment, and ultimately approve (or reject) the manifold block/assembly design from within a rich, interactive 3D model space without any need to download software. The capability to selectively share and display essential references such as quotes/bill-of-materials (PDF documents), installation constraints (image files), or hydraulic schematic (DWG or PDF files) directly within the browser and more are included with the subscription.

Visit ManifoldEdge.com and see for yourself the many features and capabilities available to help you realize an unprecedented level of collaboration during the full design review/approval and machining processes.

ManifoldEdge is the first collaboration platform designed exclusively to serve our MDTools customers. MDTools helped your designers speed up their work. ManifoldEdge now expands this benefit, allowing your organization to respond very quickly to supply chain needs.

Visit ManifoldEdge.com to know more

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