Support and Upgrades Policy
VEST provides customers with various subscription options covering support and upgrades for its products.
The following lists the VEST policy on all product maintenance, support, and upgrade subscriptions.
Support is provided for the current and one previous version of the product.
Support includes:
  1. Clarifications on functionality
  2. Help with most machine-specific issues
  3. File-specific issues
  4. Regional-specific issues (limited)
  5. Installation and usage assistance
  6. Workaround guidance
  7. Forum to communicate requests for enhancements
Support does not include:
  1. Hardware issues
  2. Network issues
  3. OS and CAD platform issues
VEST releases upgrades for its products every 12-18 months.
Upgrades include:
  1. Compatibility with latest Windows platform
    ( time lag will vary based on input from majority of customer base)
  2. Compatibility with latest CAD platforms within a month of release
  3. New functionality
Bug Fixes are provided free of charge for the current version* only.
* Once a new version is released, fixes for the previous
version will cease.
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