VEST, Inc. was founded in 1997 in Troy, Michigan, USA. We are a niche, leading worldwide commercial provider of innovative design-automation and sales-automation software, data, and engineering design services for the Fluid Power industry.

Our products help engineers and hydraulic corporations do their jobs faster, better and at lowered costs. VEST has developed a portfolio of software solutions to improve the schematic design, 3D geometric configuration design, and the accurate Manufacturing of hydraulic power units and manifold assemblies. VEST has more recently extended these capabilities as cloud-based services for OEMs, retail salespeople, field service technicians, and engineers.

  • AutoRouterTM is the world’s first and only automated manifold design service
  • MDTools® is the world’s premier 3D parametric manifold design desktop software
  • HyDraw CAD® is the premier schematic design desktop software with a self-contained 2D CAD engine
  • NetSkeme® is the world’s first cloud-based, multi-domain schematic Software-as-a-Service using DWG file format
  • ManifoldEdgeTM is a recently launched online 3D collaboration Software-as-a-Service supporting manifold design

Our reputation in the industry is that of an innovation driven company whose products affect our customers' bottom-line. We are a transformation company helping our customers reach higher levels of performance and capability.

Our personnel are a blend of hydraulic experts and experienced software technologists. VEST has employed many veteran engineers who worked with major hydraulic companies. These engineers, together with our computer scientists and software developers make an unbeatable team.

Our customers are global OEMs, Fluid Power distributors, machinery and equipment manufacturers, and manifold manufacturers, in every country where hydraulic system design and sales takes place.

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