Bosch Rexroth
“Our business relationship with VEST USA continues to be a positive and profitable venture for us. Utilizing MDTools has provided an intuitive and powerful software solution for BRCA, one which continues to evolve, continually develop, and be supported by very experienced people. Not only is VEST knowledgeable in software development, but they understand the fluid power business, and the challenges associated with hydraulic integrated circuit design.
Using MDTools, we have been able to cut our manifold block design times by 50% versus our previous CAD solution, and we look forward to leveraging even further the 3D Cad model by integrating their CAMit technologies in our Manufacturing processes moving forward.
Thanks to VEST, the future of manifold design and Manufacturing in a 3D environment has never look brighter.”
Jim Lambert C.E.T.
Systems Design Manager
Hydraulic Business Unit
Bosch Rexroth Canada Corp.
“MDTools from VEST USA is INAB’s choice for manifold design and development. It allows our designers to produce prototypes, in a timely and cost effective manner, as well as fine tune manifold systems to meet the high demands our customers by embedding the most potent features needed in creating our hydraulic system solutions.
Having such powerful tool that seamlessly integrates into our 3D CAD environment, made the software easy for our designers to adopt and to become the cornerstone of our everyday product development.”
Greg Lehman
Product Development Engineer
INAB Automation AB
“Fritz Schur Energy has been using MDTools for design of hydraulic manifolds since 2007, and we are very satisfied with the application and VEST USA / Taunus-IT as suppliers.
In general we are saving up to 50% of the design time for the new manifolds thanks to easier overview and a huge library of standard cavities, and we have minimized the risk of design-errors thanks to the built-in design control functions in MDTools.
For us it’s a huge advantage that the application is running as an add-on to our existing CAD-software, which means that the users get along with the programme very fast.
Also VEST USA and Taunus-IT in Germany are always responding very fast, both in terms of sales and support, and we have an image of a very professional organisation with a high level of knowledge about hydraulic manifold design.”
Robert B. Juul
Technical Project Engineer
Fritz Schur Energy AS

"With the HyDraw system,

I am now able to compare the drawing bill of material with the actual parts bill of material. Earlier, with autocad, I had to print the BOM from the system and compare line by line with my drawing that took 2 days at least and still prone for error. Now, it is a matter of minutes.

Drawings are much cleaner and uniform as the same standard symbols are reused all the time. The drawings when printed are much cleaner and easy to understand and read.

The item ID feature in V500 is way faster than V415- it now just takes 1-2 minutes.

The integral database allows us to add specific information for each component. This place holder for the information is very useful."

Sudhi Sirigere
Hydraulic Systems Engineer
Schramm, Inc.
We are using HyDraw V600 and MDTools 940 for our hydraulic projects since the beginning of 2013
Now, we see that how easy and fun it is to design the manifolds regardless of the complexity of the Project.
Additionally, checking the entire manifold was not so easy before using this software.
We are also very satisfied from the technical support that we had during start up and quick returns to our needs from Vest. Thank you all.
Mehmet Kocabas
Mechanical Engineer
HPA Teknoloji ldiv.sti.
“Southcott Hydraulics and Control Systems design and manufacture custom made manifolds and hydraulic systems which are tailored to our customers individual needs. Design requirements are usually specific with a short term delivery requirement. Error free speedy delivery of parts and equipment is essential to our company to ensure continuous positive outcomes.
Hydraw CAD enables the quick and efficient design of hydraulic circuits. Symbols are within a library which are dragged and dropped on to the work sheet making it easier to set up and complete a circuit. All work can be saved in .dwg which enables easy collaboration between colleagues and customers.
We are also most impressed with MDTools; it designs manifolds faster, it is error free once circuits are confirmed, Sub plate and cavity details are included in the data base and all drawing annotations are automatic once set up. These attributes enable us to ensure faster and thereby more cost effective solutions when designing and manufacturing custom made manifolds for our clients.
MDTools and Hydraw CAD is a “Must Have” software package for anyone in the manifold design business.”
Symon Wallis
Mechanical Engineer
Southcott Hydraulics and Control Systems
Hydraulic Energy
HyDraw CAD has allowed a small business like Hydraulic Energy to produce hydraulic circuit drawings in quicker time with more content and to recognized international standards at a reasonable cost.
The AutoCAD format allows 2D design as part of the package which is an added bonus.
We would recommend using the HyDraw CAD program to all that is interested.
Kingsley Jones
Hydraulic Energy Australia Pty Ltd
"Hydraw CAD is the solution to speed up hydraulic scheme implementation, thanks to its customizable library that can be personalized and enriched with a degree of details to match your needs.
It allows standardization inside a single production unit or across several production units of: symbols, methodologies circuit representations and components.
Support is always available, fast, accurate, proactive and provides software insights to optimize the use of the program, making use of its full potential."
Original Italian version:
"Hydraw CAD è la soluzione adatta a velocizzare la realizzazione di schemi idraulici, grazie alla libreria che può essere personalizzata e arricchita, con un grado di approfondimento variabile in base alle proprie esigenze.
Ciò permette di uniformare sia all'interno di una singola unità produttiva, sia tra diverse unità produttive, le simbologie utilizzate, le metodologie di rappresentazione schemi, e non ultimo i componenti che vengono utilizzati.
Il supporto è sempre disponibile, rapido, puntuale, propositivo; di norma fornisce spunti per ottimizzare l'uso del programma, sfruttando appieno tutte le sue potenzialità."
Cristina Santese
Engineering Manager
PSM S.p.A.

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