HyDraw® leverages your circuit design effort.
Quickly and easily design professional, preciesly drawn circuit designs with detailed bill of materials.
Incomparable Value
  • Precise pre-drawn authenticated symbols readily accessed from a comprehensive structured schematics library.
  • Powerful schematic design tools, and smart connections dramatically reduce drafting effort.
  • BOM extractors make Parts List a cakewalk.
  • HyDraw created circuit drawings are accurate, unambiguous, explicit, and correctly depict desired functionality.
  • Bill of Material is accurately extracted from the component model codes embedded in the circuit drawing.
  • Good circuit readability with all symbols, connections, connection dots and jumpers clearly defined.
Reduced Cost
  • Direct labor cost of creating circuits significantly reduced by using HyDraw schematic tools and custom library.
  • Indirect cost of non-conformance due to ambiguous circuits or inaccurate circuitry eliminated.
  • HyDraw created circuit drawings look professional, dramatically increasing the perceived value and image of the company in the customer’s eyes.
Standardization and Reusability
  • Standardization and Reusability of symbols and data enable seamless integration with downstream processes like MDTools, and other CAD/CAM systems.
  • Standardize engineering workflows and document lifecycles by directly integrating AutoDesk Vault with HyDraw CAD.
  • Achieve more, save time, and improve time-to-market
  • Conceptualize and design hydraulic systems faster
  • Get your designs correct, first time around
  • Error Free: Parts List / Bill of Materials automatically extracted from the drawn circuit
  • Create consistently drawn schematics in compliance with standards
  • Focus on actual application design, use powerful circuit design tools and the extensive smart symbol library
  • Enhance productivity of the design and engineering team, minimize reference to manufacturer catalogs.
  • Detailed smart symbols include orifices, pilot and drain lines, and all ports with port numbering and identification. This facilitates circuit conceptualization, analysis, troubleshooting, and manifold design.
  • Parametric data embedded in symbols enables add-on functionality.
Achieve more     ...with HyDraw CAD 2024