How to Configure HyDraw CAD SQL Server Database
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00:00 Introduction
00:38 Library Structure in Microsoft Access
03:15 Steps to Setup SQL Server
05:15 Setup Microsoft SQL Server Express
06:17 Customize Setup
08:11 Install Microsoft SQL Management Studio
08:53 Install Microsoft OLE DB Driver for SQL Server to Connect HyDraw
10:05 Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio
10:45 Build HyDraw CAD database in the System
11:28 Jumpstart with HyDraw SQL Package
12:46 Restore Database
14:50 Connect HyDraw Library Manager with SQL Database
19:30 Run HyDraw Library Manager
20:18 Restore Pneumatic and Electric Databases
21:30 Create Backup
22:46 Connect HyDraw CAD with SQL Database
24:48 HyDraw CAD 2022 Enhancements
26:43 Uninstall Microsoft Access Database Engine
27:50 Advantages of SQL Database
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