Preview of 2022 HyDraw CAD and HyDraw Library Manager
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00:00 Introduction
00:19 New Features of HyDraw Library Manager 2022
00:39 Custom Symbol Organization
01:58 Set Root Folder for Documents
03:25 Import Feature
05:51 SQL Library Setup in HyDraw Library Manager 2022
07:25 New Features of HyDraw CAD 2022
07:40 SQL Library Setup in HyDraw CAD 2022
08:59 Cloud Licensing
09:36 Machine Locked License
10:23 Network License
11:07 Enhanced Pump Motor Adaptor Selection
14:29 New Search Feature
16:45 Enhanced Jumping Reference Feature
17:25 Break Connected Line and Add Jumping Reference
18:41 Find Jumping Reference
19:40 New Add Accessories Feature
21:07 New Simplify DWG Feature to Export Schematic to MDTools
22:10 Open Saved Schematic in HyDraw CAD
22:38 Insert HyDraw DWG into MDTools
26:06 New VEST Auto Updater
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