Performance Improved
Performance Improved
Manifold Design is now two to three times faster
MDTools 780 Performance Improved
Improved Speed in Feature Mode
All aspects of Inventor® and MDTools® leveraged to achieve significant speed enhancement
New Use of Inventor Features
Inventor Hole feature introduced to simplify the model and speedup commands

Single Hole Feature
Identical bolt holes in a footprint now uses a single Inventor Hole Feature to simplify feature complexity of the model
Large Manifold Color Options
MDTools 780 introduces new visual options that can expedite the design of large manifolds within Feature Mode.
These options sacrifice minor graphic details for enhanced performance
Performance Optimized
Large Manifold Design options introduced
Cavities are colored using virtual color, to enhance speed
Bolt Holes are not colored, to enhance speed
Large Manifold Color Settings
MDTools Settings > Cavity Color > Large Manifold Mode
Recommended when designing manifolds in excess of 300 holes
Designing large manifolds in Feature mode is now viable!
Virtual mode remains available for extremely large manifolds.
….in addition to the main thrust to improve speed, some new capabilities added
Stretch and Incline Drill Options
Control Stretch Drill settings
Clearance from SF/CB to Working Area
Min. Wall Thickness from Spot Face/Counterbore to Working Area listed in a separate section
Cavity Count and Design Mode Display
Number of Cavities and the current Design Mode listed in Part File
Precisely Position Engravings
Drag and relocate engravings
Preview of the new engraving position displayed within a purple box.
Auto Scale Drawing Views
Option to automatically scale the view to the drawing size
Balloons Placed Optimally
Balloons placed outside the face boundary with reduced overlapping
Assemble Valves using Bolt Hole Pattern
Valves located* using BH1 and BH2 as axis
*irrespective of whether locating pins are used
Autodesk® Viewer Compatibility
Manifold net colors visible, when shared online in the Autodesk Viewer
….performance test specifications and a note of caution
Performance Test Specifications
MDTools® 780* designed manifolds are not compatible with all previous versions of MDTools.
*If needed, export the MDTools 780 design in the MBXML format and then import into a previous version
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