Edit Footprints
Modify a footprint directly in MDTools®

Edit Footprint Features
Bolt Holes
Bolt Holes Modeled using Inventor® Threads

Thread Circles Displayed for Threaded Bolt Holes

Model Cavity using Thread option available in MDTools® Settings
Angular Drills
Angular Drills will not be assigned the X icon in the MDTools Browser
Depth to Tip Setting
Assign Step12 depth to the tip or full radius of the drill in Edit All Cavity Parameters
VEST Desktop App
Install VEST Desktop App

Automatically Install Updates: Settings

Check for uninstalled updates: VEST Desktop App Update Manager
Additional MDTools Enhancements

      * MDTools now compatible with Autodesk® Vault 2022.

      * MDTools now supports Windows® 11 GUI.

      * Machining Chart update now supports multi-sheet charts.

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