Jul 11, 2018
HyDraw® CAD 2019 Released

VEST, Inc. today released HyDraw CAD 2019.

System design engineers can now
Do more... with Speed, Accuracy, and Economy.

The enhancements include:

  • Parts List Auto-Updated: Change in a component's property value reflects in the Parts List

  • Inserted Symbol Auto Numbered: Set Components & Accessories numbering scheme in HyDraw Options, Item ID tab

  • Copied Symbol Auto Numbered: Set Components & Accessories numbering scheme in HyDraw Options, Item ID tab

  • Group Item ID by Component Code: It's based on the Component code assigned to Component types

  • Title Block Attributes Updated using Text File: Import/Export the Title Block attributes

  • Network License option available within HyDraw CAD Client: Borrow License from HyDraw CAD Client
  • Search Components by Application Type: Hydraulic, Pneumatic or Electrical options are now available within HyDraw Library Explorer

  • Select Symbol to Insert from Parts List: A Model Code in Parts List has multiple symbols linked to it in the HyDraw Library

  • Mirror HyDraw Schematic: Auto correction of orientation and position of texts of Item ID, Properties and Balloons

  • Vertical Stacking option for Item ID and Balloons

  • ISO 1219-2 Item ID Auto Numbering Scheme: Define for the first symbol, HyDraw then stores the prefix and continuously increments the index along with the prefix

  • Equal-Spaced Properties in Drawing: Spacing between the displayed properties is automatically controlled

  • Auto Grouping of Components without Model Code: All identical components without model code are grouped based on properties listed in the Parts List

  • Edit/Update Blank Fields in Parts List: Double click to type the required properties

  • Update Hose ID Text Height

  • Change and Update Hose Balloon Type: Set separate Balloon type for hoses

  • Non-Unique Solenoid ID Warning: Avoid duplicate Solenoid IDs, when chart is created without Item ID as an option

  • Enhanced Schematic Check: Schematic check for Envelopes lists unconnected ends of External Ports

  • Customized HyDraw Layer Properties Stored in Drawing: When a new symbol is inserted into the drawing, changes made to the layer properties are stored and not overwritten by the default HyDraw layer properties

  • Exclude Multiple Items from Parts List: Multiple Component selection in the drawing can be excluded from the Parts List

  • Display Accessories of Components Excluded from Parts List

  • Add HyDraw CAD Commands to Quick Access Toolbar: (Right-click the HyDraw CAD command on the ribbon menu)

  • Line Type Preview available for HyDraw Connection Lines

  • HyDraw Ribbon Created using Cuix file: Enables "Add to Quick Access" toolbar and stores any customizations made to the interface. Also, available in a new instance of HyDraw

  • Define Component Code for a Component Type symbols (HyDraw Library Manager 2019)

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