Nov 14, 2018
MDTools® 965 Released

VEST, Inc. today released MDTools 965.

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Manifold design engineers unleash
"Power-to-Design" hydraulic manifolds.

The enhancements include:

  • Through Bolt Hole Depths are Automatically Updated when Block Resized

  • O-ring Groove IDs can be made Independent of Parent Cavity

  • New Machining ID Naming Scheme: A1, A2, B1, B2, B3…

  • Group Machining ID for Identical Cavities. (for all Machining ID naming schemes)

  • Separate Columns for Cavity X and Y Location Coordinates

  • Decimal Separator options for Machining Chart: System default /, Comma / . Period
  • New Visual Interface for Auto Dimensioning

  • Easy Import and Export of MDTools Settings across Versions or Computers

  • Fast and Secure Cloud-based License Activation

  • Move Multiple Cavities using Scroll Bars

  • Improved Display for Terminated/Blocked Ports

  • “0” Depth Precision option for Machining Chart

  • Use . (dot) or , (comma) Decimal Separator Interchangeably

  • MDTools Help: Online and Offline

  • Progress Status Bar displays during Import of ‘mbxml’ Files

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