Jun 10, 2019
MDTools® 775 for Autodesk® Inventor® Released

VEST, Inc. today released MDTools 775 for Autodesk Inventor.

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Manifold design engineers unleash "Power-to-Design" hydraulic manifolds.

The enhancements include:

  • Auto Circular Pattern

  • Improved Create Block Interface

  • Create Block Using Plate as a Material Type

  • Edit Mandatory O-rings)

  • Preview of Angular Connection

  • Mirror Footprint

  • Make Footprint Outline

  • Dimension only Selected Cavity Types

  • Create Cavity Dimensions as Individual Ordinates

  • Drawing Dimensions Automatically Updated

  • Machining Chart Automatically Updated

  • Miscellaneous List Automatically Updated

  • Balloons/Annotations Automatically Updated

  • Fast and Secure Cloud-based License Activation

  • MDTools Help: Online and Offline

  • Improved Offset Connection

  • Suppressed State of Undercut and Slot Displayed

  • MDTools Library Manager 2019

  • Manage Materials Bars

  • Manage Materials Plates

  • Add/Modify Materials and Allowances

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