Nov 9, 2012
HyDraw CAD 600 Released

VEST, Inc. today released HyDraw® CAD 600 circuit design software.

With the 600 version released today system design engineers and sales executives now have a much faster, better and smarter circuit design software.

Do more with HyDraw CAD 600:

New: HyDraw Interface to ERP data, Assign Pipe/Tube Properties, ISO Compliant Solenoid Information and Solenoid Actuation Chart, Auto Update Properties of Components in Drawing, Display Formatted Multi Property Labels, Specify Port Operating Parameters and Display of Dual Port Names

Enhanced: Custom Parts List Template in Excel, External Ports with Through Bolt Holes and O-ring, Export to MD Tools - Linked CAD data, and Submit HyDraw Design to QuickManifolds.com.

Standardize better with HyDraw Library Manager 2012

New: New Create Pipe and Tube Library, Define Display Formats for Components, Connections and External Ports. Associate Display Formats with Component Type, Create Custom Child Library and Import Symbols to Child Library and Search Symbols in Library Manager

Enhanced: Specify Dual Port Name. Specify Solenoid Information, Specify Display Format for Symbol, Assign Select Properties to Multiple Component Types, and Component Type - None

HyDraw CAD 600 has a built-in 2D CAD engine and works with 32-bit and 64-bit Windows 7.   

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