Sep 01, 2012
VEST Expands its base in Italy, Spain and Portugal

VEST today expanded its presence in Italy by appointing Mr Carlo Molon as its independent agent to represent the interests of VEST in Italy, Spain and Portugal. Carlo is based in Italy and will now work exclusively with VEST, Inc. to leverage VEST technologies in Italy.

Carlo started his hydraulics career in 2001. Prior to joining VEST in 2012, he worked for Bondioli & Pavesi, GFluid and CBF as a Cartridge Valve Designer, Manifold Designer, and Technical Manager.

Carlo has a technical background and has knowledge of the design, testing and production of cartridge valves and manifolds. Also, he has knowledge of the design and operation of hydraulic circuits and valve.

Carlo has a Mechanical Engineering degree from the University of Padua in Italy.

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