Apr 5, 2022
MDTools® 785 Beta for Inventor® Released

VEST, Inc. today released MDTools 785 Beta

Do more...   Design manifolds ~3X faster.
Enhance your manifold design experience.

MDTools 785 Beta introduces a number of enhancements to improve software performance. Our August 18 beta announcement claimed that you can now design manifolds 2 to 3 times faster, based on comparison data and beta user feedback.

The new Large Manifold Color option incrementally improves responsiveness when designing bigger, more complex manifolds. Now perform many more of your designs exclusively within Feature Mode without compromising throughput! The new features and capabilities are sure to enhance your design experience even further.


  • Improved Speed in Feature Mode using Inventor Hole Feature
  • Color Settings option to boost performance when designing large manifolds (> 300 holes)

  • Control Stretch Drill settings

  • Additional Wall Thickness Checks

  • Cavity Count and Design Mode displayed in Part File

  • Drag and Precisely Position Engravings

  • Auto Scale Drawing Views

  • Valve Assembly location using two bolt holes as axis

  • MDTools Manifold Net colors vibrantly revealed within Autodesk Viewer

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