Jan 19 , 2015
MDTools® 950 Released

VEST, Inc. today released MDTools® 950.

Improved User Interface and Report Format: Set Assembly Constraints while working in the part or assembly environment. Manage MDTools license while working in the drawing or assembly environment. Design Check Report allows easy identification of issues, the sections with no issues are grayed out. Select a Net from available Net List in the manifold.

Shrink-Wrap Manifold Assembly: Deliver shrink-wrapped assembly in SolidWorks Assembly format (.sldasm) or STEP format (.stp). Shrink wrap non-rectangular manifolds, maintaining the through bolt holes.

Manifold Assembly: Auto update of manifold. Assemble Component UI with update icon to flag items that need update. CAD model selection with image preview.

Machining Drawing Customization: Specify margin for machining drawing templates. Specify minimum distance between views.

New Interactive Functionality: Position cavities or footprints by dragging when inserting or connecting cavities.

New Checking Functionality: Check manifold design conformance with HyDraw Schematic. Design Check for poor connections. Repetitive information removed in Meet List. Manufacturing and Tooling Check – Actual and standard values displayed.

Miscellaneous: Align multiple cavities. Manage O-ring machining information. Delete attached engraving with the cavity. Maintain existing text height when editing all engravings. Specify net name for orifice on insertion. Retain machining IDs when revising manifold design.

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