Apr 30, 2015
HyDraw® CAD 800 Released

VEST, Inc. today released HyDraw® CAD 800.

This new release includes:

New Features: Restructured Ribbon Menu and Custom External Ports. The Restructured Menu consists of circuit, system and services. Select data from 'Linked Accessories' when inserting symbol from HyDraw Library Explorer OR Select data from the library in HyDraw Property Manager.

Edit Design Notes: Toggle the display of Design Notes in the drawing. Create Design Note lists.

Pump Motor Adaptor Selection: Select Pump/Motor Adaptor based on the Pump and Motor properties.

Configure & Insert Gauge Port: Configure the Gauge Port Type, Location, Symbol and Prefix.

HyDraw® Library Manager 2015: Reconstructed GUI for easy access and better management.

Hoses: Reassign Hose ID for hoses in the drawing. Create a Hose List for selected hoses in the drawing.

Import & Export HyDraw Settings: Import HyDraw Settings from another installation of HyDraw CAD 800 and Export HyDraw Settings from HyDraw CAD 800 to a zip file.

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