Oct 30, 2015
MDTools® 760 Released

VEST, Inc. today released MDTools® 760.

This new release includes:

Improved User Interface: Control visibility of MDTools' mini-toolbars. Auto Dimension Interface enhanced. Group cavities by face and show engraved text in browser.

Compare Manifolds: Compare two manifolds and list the differences.

Pressure Ratings: Validate construction ports' pressure rating, per Net operating pressure.

Machining Drawing Customization: Use AutoCAD drawing files (.dwg) 
as templates for automatic machining drawing. Place Machining IDs without overlapping cavities.

2D Views: New Drawing layout option.

UnderCuts: Show/Hide undercuts in drawing.

Machining Chart: Enhanced Machining Chart Interface. Machining Chart created as Inventor table for easy modification.

Machining Callout: Retain the location of existing callouts when updating the machining callouts for undercuts, slots, etc.

Autodesk Vault Server: Assign CAD Models from Autodesk Vault Server.

Miscellaneous: Select drill depth in Settings. Specify text height in Show Machining ID. Modify component ID of parent cavity while inserting orifice plug.

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