Oct 17, 2017
MDTools® 960 for SolidWorks Released

VEST, Inc. today released MDTools 960.

Do more...   with Speed, Accuracy, Economy.

The best now gets better.
Manifold design engineers can now unleash
"Power-to-Design" manifolds.

The enhancements include:

  • Design Checks: Locate Connection Problems, Locate Wall Thickness Errors, Locate Broken Nets, Check Wall Thickness around Undercuts and Slots, Undercuts and Slots Included in Design checks, No False Alerts for Sun Cavities, No False Alerts for Connections, Clearance Issues in Same Net listed
  • Slot: Preview while Inserting and Editing a Slot, Make Connections using Slot, Add Slot to Inclined Cavities, Manage Slot Machining Sequence
  • Orifice Plugs: Import Orifice Plugs from HyDraw, Assemble Orifice Plugs, Assemble Orifice Discs
  • Undercut: Preview Undercut, Preview Mandatory Undercuts, Create Optional Concentric Undercuts, Undercut's Net info Auto assigned, Manage Undercut Machining Sequence
  • Machining Callouts: Create Machining Callouts for Slots/Undercuts
  • Miscellaneous: Rename a Net from MDTools Browser, Move Slot within Parent Cavity, Copy Slot with Cavity, GUI made Compatible for Window’s 125% Scaling, Set Precision for Diameter, Preview while Adding Drill to Cavity
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