Aug 2, 2017
HyDraw® CAD 2018 Released

VEST, Inc. today released HyDraw CAD® 2018.

The ehancements include:

  • All AutoCAD OEM 3D commands available: View and create 3D Drawings in HyDraw® CAD 2018
  • Search for symbols by Component Type: Search by component type name or using wild card characters ( % or * or _ ) e.g.: %Check
  • Advanced Data Filters: Use advanced filters to further refine the search results
  • Schematic Check: View and zoom listed items: - Components missing model codes - Connections having errors - Ports missing size, name
  • Add, Edit & Find Jumping Reference: Specify and edit Jumping Reference options. Find its Matching Pair
  • Manage Sub-Systems: View & Manage properties in the Property Manager Set separate balloon style
  • Reassign Item ID & Balloon in Sub-Systems: Include child items of Sub-System when reassigning Item ID Select different Balloon Type for Components, Accessories and Sub-Systems
  • Include Child Items in Parts List in Sub-Systems
  • Orifice Disc: Model data for orifice disc displayed in property manager
  • Net List created on Envelope selection: Select only Manifold/Envelope to create Net List
  • Export to MDTools - List CAD Models for Accessories Accessories with CAD Models linked to symbol and displayed in browser also exported to MDTools
  • Export to MDTools – Net List highlighted in drawing Net List created automatically when exporting to MDTools
  • Hanging Connection Lines automatically deleted when external ports are added with Envelope
  • HyDraw Property Manager – Zoom to selected Item in System Tab
  • Connectors - Pipe/Tube/Drill Hole/Hose & Wire Associate a Connector type to connection lines and add connection data to it. e.g.: Pipe/Tube/Hose/Drill Hose/Wire (for electrical lines)
  • Update Connection Lines in Drawing Properties listed by default making the drawing lighter to use
  • Multiple Solenoid Information
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