Jan 27, 2017
MDTools® 765 Released

VEST, Inc. today released MDTools® 765.

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The best now gets better.
Manifold design engineers can now unleash "Power-to-Design" hydraulic manifolds.

The enhancements include:

  • Slot: Make connections using slot, add slot to inclined cavities, preview while inserting and editing a slot, manage slot machining sequence
  • Undercut: Preview undercut in dialog box and model, preview mandatory undercuts, create optional concentric undercuts, undercut's Net information assigned/updated automatically, manage undercut machining sequence
  • Machining Callout: Create machining callouts for slots/undercuts
  • Miscellaneous: Rename a net from MDTools browser, move a slot within parent cavity, copy slot with cavity, control text height of miscellaneous charts in a drawing, GUI made compatible for Window’s 125% scaling, show trailing zeros for diameter
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