Jan 26, 2023

Manifold Design on a Web Browser

VEST proudly announces release of the world's first cloud application where Sales and Application Engineers can design manifolds without any prior CAD experience.

Discover how quickly and effortlessly manifolds can be designed from within a web browser! Design manifolds with stunning 3D detail that's sure to impress customer and colleague alike.

NetBlok3D is designed to win you more manifold business. Quickly drag components and make connections within a rich, intuitive 3D interface. Built-in check ensures readiness to share with customers. Fine-tune 3D visual designs in front of your customer to expedite approval and quote. NetBlok3D runs in a web browser so no need to download software.

Curious and want to know more?
Visit NetBlok3D.com to learn more and request a Free Trial. (no credit card required)

Questions? Contact VEST at sales@VESTusa.com

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