Sep 27, 2022

VEST releases NetBlok3D manifold design app on cloud

VEST today launched NetBlok3D Beta, the manifold design web browser app. With this new technology breakthrough, hydraulic manifold block design is now possible within a web browser. This paradigm shift extends block design capability to sales engineers for closing more sales quickly.

This web browser-based app targets hydraulic OEMs and system integrators to boost and enhance their system design capabilities. It helps cut time to market by keeping their sales, marketing, engineering, production, and manifold design teams connected.

Using this cloud-based application, a salesperson can easily collaborate with a prospect/customer and create an initial block design for approval by all stakeholders. Design and quote manifold blocks that will amaze and impress customers, even if you have no prior CAD experience.

Post customer approval, the initial block design created in netblok3D.com can be quickly finalized and optimized using MDTools®, the premier manifold design software.

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Questions? Contact VEST at sales@VESTusa.com

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