Improved Performance
Part Performance Improved
Performance in Part creation is improved by 2x to 3x on average
Drawing Performance Improved
Performance in the Drawing environment is improved ~1.5x for simpler manifolds, and greater as manifold complexity increases
Improved Speed in Feature Mode
New Use of SolidWorks® Features
SolidWorks Advanced Hole Feature is utilized to simplify the model and enhance the speed of commands
Single Hole Feature
Identical bolt holes in a footprint now use a single SolidWorks Advanced Hole Feature to simplify the model
Designing large manifolds in Feature mode is now viable!
Virtual mode remains available for extremely large manifolds, and conversion time has been reduced significantly.
Performance Test Specifications
Caution *
MDTools® 975 designed manifolds are not directly* compatible with any previous versions of MDTools.
*If needed, designs from MDTools 975 can be exported in the MBXML format which can then be imported into previous versions of MDTools.
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