Do more >>  Speed, Accuracy, Economy
Powerful 3D visualization of manifold internals and connectivity
Color-coded cavities, flow paths,
port areas and dead areas
Powerful Visualization
Tank and pressure connections
color coded for oil velocities
Velocity hotspots in manifold
easily identified
Design compact manifolds
Stretch block, modify block,
cutouts and more
Design driven by embedded
manifold methodology,
rules and checks
Energy efficient smooth bends
minimize pressure drop
and consequent energy loss
within the manifold block
Easy connections
Connect to cavity/net (passage way)
Automated angle holes
simple and compound
Angle holes and cavity manipulation
Stretch drill up to a cavity and
make connection with inclination
Drag and move a cavity/footprint
Check the manifold design connectivity,
wall thickness and more
Check manifold manufacturability
Slenderness ratio, angular tolerance,
and more...
Wall thickness check report
includes clearance with manifold face
View/Print the report
Optimize diameter and depth
Define nominal velocity range of oil flow
for tank and pressure connections
Define construction hole upsizing ratio,
for different velocity ranges
Customize the Tooling database
Custom machining chart formats
Extensive OEM cavity/footprint libraries
with customizable machining details
Edit Cavity Library
Add, modify, delete, rename
Insert and configure O- ring grooves
MDTools HyDrawTM Interface
Import schematic data and
jumpstart the manifold design
Automatically create
2D machining drawing
Auto dimensioning of
all 6 orthographic views
Auto Machining/Bore chart creation
with intersection details
Cross Platform compatibility
(Autodesk Inventor and SOLIDWORKS)
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