MDTools leverages your design effort by automating workflow functions,
and embedding manifold design methodology, rules and checks within the software application.
Design compact error free manifolds quickly and easily.
  • Powerful manifold design tools, and smart connections dramatically reduce design effort.
  • Precise pre-drawn authenticated cavities readily accessed from a comprehensive structured cavity library.
  • Automated dimensioning and bore chart.
  • 3D parametric design tools with automated workflow functions, embeded manifold design methodology, rules and checks.
  • Automated dimensioning and bore chart accurately extracted from the 3D manifold model designed with MDTools.
  • Design and manufacturability checks ensure precision and conformity to company standards.
  • Interface with HyDraw circuit design software avoids data transfer errors.
Reduced Cost
  • Direct labor cost of creating manifold designs significantly reduced by using MDTools manifold design software and and custom cavities library.
  • Indirect cost of redesign or rework due to design errors eliminated.
  • MDTools created 3D manifold models, auto dimensioned manifold drawings, and auto generated bore charts look professional, dramatically increasing the perceived value and image of your company in your customer’s eyes.
Standardization and Reusability
  • Standardization and reusability of cavities and data, with seamless integration with HyDraw circuit design software.
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