You invested in our circuit design software; now invest in your Engineers.
Get trained to create, store, share and reuse symbols and circuits with embedded data using the HyDraw software.
We’ll show you how to use HyDraw efficiently:
- Workspace overview.
Ribbon Menu, Library Explorer and Property Manager
- Insert and modify symbols, connection lines and envelopes.
- Enter, search for, copy, and refresh data.
- Setup Options for your drawing environment - numbering scheme, lists and charts, etc.
- Methods for displaying data in the drawing.
- Create, insert and export lists and charts.
- Printing and plotting.
- Library Manager – view and manage symbols and data
- automate the assembly of valves.
Will also cover:
- ERP interface
- Create custom symbols and import AutoCAD symbols.
- Net Lists and Export to MDTools.
- Collate documents and CAD models.
- Library Manager
Import data, add and link accessories, documents and CAD models.
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