You invested in our manifold design software; now invest in your Engineers.
We provide valuable hands-on training at our VEST Training Hub in Troy, Michigan.
Introductory and Advanced MDTools courses are available for both Inventor and SolidWorks versions..
Introductory MDTools
In our two day Introductory MDTools course, we will show you how to effectively design manifold blocks in MDTools.
From the basics of creating a block and inserting cavities, to managing the MDTools library, and everything in-between, we will cover all of the features designers need to know in order to be confident in their manifold designs.
We’ll show you how to:
- import HyDraw circuit information into MDTools.
- design with intelligent and color-coded networks.
- add counterbores, offset drills, and orifice plugs.
- create angled and smart connections between cavities.
- parametrically expand, contract, and stretch the manifold block.
- automatically check a manifold against an original HyDraw schematic.
- automatically check for correct connections and wall thickness.
- set up automatic drill charts, dimensioning, callouts, and drawings.
- automate the assembly of valves.
- create professional looking customer and vendor drawings.
- model and edit valve cavities, ports, and footprints in MDTools.
- set up o-rings, slots, and undercuts in the MDTools Library Manager.
Advanced MDTools
If you haven’t used many of the new features that MDTools introduces each year, you’ve been missing out! MDTools upgrades contain valuable time saving and productivity enhancing features in each release.
Learn how MDTools has evolved with a one-day advanced course at our Troy, MI training center.
We will:
- show you all of the new features in each release that you might have missed.
- answer any questions you may have about existing features.
- customize your class to your needs based on your feedback provided to us in advance.
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